The Remake

The Remake has had a complete rewrite and is now function complete.

I decided to write it in Mono / C#, as it is a language I now use the most and was able to put together something much quicker than previously.

C# makes it easier to write platform independent code, which means the release will run on anything that has the MS libraries.

This version is a straight port, even down to the mono-coloured graphics and is directly based on the original Spectrum release. It is fully playable with no frills.

Should work for any platform that uses a C# Common Language Runtime, such as .Net or Mono.

So far I've tried this on a Linux (Mint / Ubuntu) and Windows 10, there is no reason why it shouldn't work on MacOs either, but I've not got access.

Executable plus libraries.

Requires either Windows or (Linux / Mac) Mono 4.1.x runtime libraries installed.

Remember: For Windows the command can always be run with a double-click of the mouse

Download Tar  
MD5 checksum2842741edbd1263372374d2d699818f6
Untar usingtar zxfv Pyjamarama.tar.gz
Download Zip
MD5 checksuma4521dcfffce59ebe700e657fe3940ae
Unzip usingunzip
To run the game from the command linemono Pyjamarama.exe


20/01/2018V1.0.1Fixed infinite death bug.