Mikro-Gen:Three Weeks


This time Wally's really done it... Deciding to go on holiday, he takes Wilma and Herbert to a deserted isle, as advertised by Costa Del Cheapo holiday firm. It seemed nice and cheap, and the literature said that the natives were friendly, and in fact it was such a nice place, nobody had ever bothered to come back...

Well. Wilma kidnapped by the Chief Tribesman, hanging by her feet, and Herbert the main course at a celebratory dinner. Wally's got his work cut out for him this time, and no mistake...

Three Weeks was one of the first games to be enhanced for the 128K Spectrum. With a bigger map and better sounds it was a small improvement.

Sadly this was the last outing for Wally and his family. The software market was changing, the 16 bit computers were looming over the horizen and the coders needed bigger and better machines...


The Documents

Get the files at Sinclair Infoseek.

See the map here.

If your stuck you'll find a good list of tips and solutions here.

Or get the SpecNG remake here.