The Memory Map

Please note that these addresses are based on V3 of Pyjamarama. Several releases are available and each version has it's data in slightly different start address. Click here to download the snapshot of the version I used.

8302Glass of milk bitmap.
8C4DTiles used for walls.
8CAATable of addresses for the data of each piece of furniture.
8D2ETable of addresses for the data of each room.
906BRaster line converter. Puts the ZX Spectrums display lines into scan order.
91EBAll the 16x16 bitmaps.
AF84Wallys jump table. List of moves, in pixels to take.
C1A08x8 bitmaps, which make up the letters & characters.
C17F8x8 tiles used to create the furniture.
E20AList of background colour to use for each room.
E62BTable of vectors for baddies. Each word is an address of which routines to use to display the baddies for each room.
F913Demo data string.