Mikro-Gen:Everyone's A Wally

The Furniture

BD86Table of Pointers
WORDAddress to data string of each fitting
C352Data String
BYTE...Data String describing a fitting
n<80Draw tile(n) @ current position
n=FE, aChange colour to match attribute(a)
A8<=n=>E8, yMove cursor to position (n,y)
n=FB, hlchange address of the first tile to (hl)
n=F1Move cursor right by one tile
n=F3, hlPoint to the address (hl) of another fitting data string
n=F0, b, aDraw tile(a) down in a cloumn, (b) times
n=F2, b, a1, a2Draw alternate tiles (a1, a2) in a row, (b) times
n=FD, b, aDraw tile(a) across, (b) times
n=FFEnd of data string

The Notes

Each fitting is made up of 8x8 tiles. The data string describes where these tiles should be placed.

When drawing a fitting a 'cursor' is used, the same way PRINT works in BASIC, which is updated to the next character cell when a tile is drawn. This cursor can be moved to any location on the screen.