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B310: Start a new game.
Used by the routine at Demo.
Game_Start B310 XOR A Black border.
B311 OUT ($FE),A
B313 CALL MainMenu
B316 LD A,$01 Start room.
B318 LD (Wally_RoomNo),A
B31B LD HL,Inv_f460
B31E LD (Inv_TypePtr),HL
B321 LD HL,_7a75
B324 LD (Inv_StartFrame),HL
B327 LD H,$76
B329 LD (Inv_CurrentFrame),HL
B32D LD (Inv___Flag),A
B330 CALL ScreenClearSimple
B333 CALL Game_InitStats
B336 CALL RoomDraw
B339 LD HL,ScoreBoard_Item
B33C LD DE,$0001
B33F CALL FurnitureDraw
B342 CALL Inv_Redraw
B345 CALL LivesReset
B348 CALL Milk_DrawFull
B34B LD HL,$9858 Start position of Wally.
B34E LD (Wally_X),HL
B351 CALL Wally_Draw
This entry point is used by the routines at Wally_Resurrect, Action08_BoxingGloveSafe and Invaders_ExitCheck.
GameLoop B354 CALL Wally_Handler
B357 CALL Wally_StepCheck
B35A CALL Wally_CheckForDeath
B35D CALL Wally_TestObjSlot
B360 CALL Game_PercentUpdate
B363 CALL Room_EventCaller
B366 CALL Game_ExitCheck
B369 CALL Food_CheckPickup
B36C CALL Room_TestEvents
B36F CALL Pause_Short
B372 JR GameLoop
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