Gargoyle Games:Tir Na Nog

The Paths of Tir Na Nog

The paths of an area are split into two groups. The paths that run from left to right along the map and the ones that run top to bottom. Each group describes all the paths in turn. A path is made up of four bytes: The two related groups are thus referenced by the Area.

Path Data

0Area Index

0 - Appears in all areas (which reference the path data).

Any other value represents the Area (index) that the path will only appear in. All other area, that reference this path, will not use it.

1Row / ColumnDepending on the direction of the paths this represent where on the given plane the path appears.
2StartThis is the starting point of the path.
3EndThis is the end point of the path.

The first group describes the paths running from left to right and the second group describe the paths running top to bottom. If we plot the paths using the data for the first group we get:

For the second group we get:

Put them together and you might recognise:

Note how the path ends slightly seem to overrun. This is to make sure a path runs right up to the edge of the joining path when drawing on the screen. The red paths represent the ones that are specific to an area and you'll note some over lap.