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F4A6: Game loop for Invaders game room. (Room 1E)
Used by the routines at Wally_Resurrect, Action13_EnterAcrade and Inv_BulletUpdate.
Invaders_Loop F4A6 CALL Wally_Handler
F4A9 CALL Wally_StepCheck
F4AC CALL Inv_Update
F4AF CALL Inv_Update
F4B2 CALL Inv_Update
F4B5 CALL Inv_Update
F4B8 CALL Inv_Update
F4BB CALL Inv_Update
F4BE CALL Arcade_UpdateExplosions
F4C1 CALL Invaders_ExitCheck
F4C4 CALL Inv_BulletUpdate
F4C7 CALL Arcade_UpdateBombs
F4CA CALL Invaders_Pause
F4CD CALL Wally_CheckForDeath
F4D0 JR Invaders_Loop
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