Gremlin Graphics:Wanted! Monty Mole


Originally written for the Spectrum by Peter Harrop.

Here is everything you need to know about Monty Mole...


The Original

Written by Peter Harrop on the ZX Spectrum. This game was converted to most of the 8 bit formats.

A superb platform game competing with Manic Miner. It levels were very colourful with plenty of scenery and loads of objects. Written during the coal miners strike, pitted Monty against the police and the strikers in a bid to get some coal for his home.


The Remake

In progress: Monty Mole : The remake, a very long and on going development on the PC for Windows and Linux.

Diary: Keep up to date with the latest build.

The Source: The remake is a free, non-profit development. Which means the source is open to all.

The Cursor

Monty Cusor: Ric has created an animated Monty cursor.

Windows only

Click on the above link to download the animation. Save it somewhere safe on your hard-drive

Open up the Control Panel. (Select 'Start', 'Settings', 'Control Panel')

Open the icon called 'Mouse'

Select the 'Pointers' tab.

Now choose which mouse pointer you wish you change and select browse.

You can now load the file from here for a Monty Mole animation...