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F2CD: Data for the Arcade Room.
Invaders_Data F2CD DEFB $0A,$38 Column 1 [X pos, Y pos]
F2CF DEFB $0A,$58
F2D1 DEFB $0A,$78
F2D3 DEFB $22,$38 Column 2..
F2D5 DEFB $22,$58
F2D7 DEFB $22,$78
F2D9 DEFB $3A,$38
F2DB DEFB $3A,$58
F2DD DEFB $3A,$78
F2DF DEFB $52,$38
F2E1 DEFB $52,$58
F2E3 DEFB $52,$78
F2E5 DEFB $6A,$38
F2E7 DEFB $6A,$58
F2E9 DEFB $6A,$78
F2EB DEFB $82,$38
F2ED DEFB $82,$58
F2EF DEFB $82,$78
F2F1 DEFB $9A,$38
F2F3 DEFB $9A,$58
F2F5 DEFB $9A,$78
F2F7 DEFB $B2,$38 Column 8
F2F9 DEFB $B2,$58
F2FB DEFB $B2,$78
F2FD DEFB $FF End of data.
Invaders_CurrentDir F2FE DEFB $01 Current direction of invaders.
Invaders_ChangeDirFlag F2FF DEFB $00 When set indicates change of direction.
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