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F177: Object Flags Table.
Lift_Count F177 DEFB $00 Lift counter. Everytime Wally leaves the lift this counts down. When it is at zero Wally cannot use the life until he turns it on again.
Flag_HelpSwitch F178 DEFB $00 Flag for the Help Switch.
Flag_LaserGun F179 DEFB $00 '0D' Laser gun, Full/Empty
Flag_WaterBucket F17A DEFB $00 '10' Water bucket, Full/Empty
Flag_MagLock F17B DEFB $00 Stores the position of the MagLock when drawing.
Flag_BaddyInit F17C DEFB $00 When zero the baddies need initialising.
ObjEventPause F17D DEFB $00 Stops any picking up when set.
Flag_FuelCan F17E DEFB $00 '08' Fuel can, Full/Empty
MilkLevel F17F DEFB $00 Milk Level. Holds the screen row of the milk level.
DeathFlag F180 DEFB $00 Set to one to trigger death.
LiftFloorNo F181 DEFB $00 Stores values representing each floor level.
Level Value
1 3
2 1
3 0
4 2
Wally_Dir F182 DEFB $00 Sets current direction when moving. (FF - left, 01 - right)
Wally_JumpDir F183 DEFB $00 Copy of last direction when jumping.
Wally_Frame F184 DEFB $00 Index to bitmap representing Wally's current frame.
Wally_Falling F185 DEFB $00 Set when Wally is falling
Wally_JumpCount F186 DEFB $00 Counter for jumping. (0x0C means end of jump.)
IsArcadeMode F187 DEFB $00 Set to 1 when game is in arcade mode for the Space Invaders room.
F188 DEFB $00
Wally_HeadTurned F189 DEFB $00 Wally turns head when set.
F18A DEFB $00
F18B DEFB $00
Flag_FoodDrawn F18C DEFB $00 Determines if the food requires drawing if set to 0. A 1 means the food has been drawn.
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