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EE62: Table of food data.
BYTE Description
0 Room no.
1 X position
2 Bitmap
All food are always placed on y position $98
There are always two food items active at one time.
The first, from table A, is pointed to by Food_ActivePtr and the second is always the same index in table B.
Food Items A.
Food_Table EE62 DEFB $02,$D0,$86 Candy
EE65 DEFB $0F,$A0,$87 Drink
EE68 DEFB $15,$B0,$88 Burger
EE6B DEFB $11,$40,$89 Apple
EE6E DEFB $09,$A8,$8A Jam
EE71 DEFB $1A,$88,$8B Ice cream
EE74 DEFB $17,$40,$8C Cup of Tea
Food Items B.
EE78 DEFB $09,$A8,$8A Jam
SweetsPickup? EE7B DEFB $1A,$88,$8B Ice cream
EE7E DEFB $17,$40,$8C Cup of Tea
EE81 DEFB $02,$D0,$86 Candy
EE84 DEFB $0F,$A0,$87 Drink
EE87 DEFB $15,$B0,$88 Burger
EE8A DEFB $11,$40,$89 Apple
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