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B761: Firework scripts.
Script for each firework and where to display them.
Firework 1.
B761 DEFB $01,$0E,$15,$01,$0E,$15 [Tile, X, Y], [Tile, X, Y]
B767 DEFB $02,$0D,$14,$00,$0E,$15
B76D DEFB $02,$0C,$14,$00,$0D,$14
B773 DEFB $02,$0B,$13,$00,$0C,$14
B779 DEFB $02,$0A,$13,$00,$0B,$13
B77F DEFB $02,$09,$12,$00,$0A,$13
B785 DEFB $02,$08,$12,$00,$09,$12
B78B DEFB $02,$07,$11,$00,$08,$12
B791 DEFB $03,$06,$11,$00,$07,$11
B797 DEFB $03,$05,$11,$00,$06,$11
B79D DEFB $04,$04,$11,$00,$05,$11
B7A3 DEFB $05,$03,$11,$00,$04,$11
B7A9 DEFB $06,$03,$12,$00,$03,$11
B7AF DEFB $07,$03,$13,$00,$03,$12
B7B5 DEFB $08,$03,$13,$08,$03,$13
B7BB DEFB $FB,$02,$13,$00,$03,$13
B7C1 DEFB $FB,$02,$13,$FB,$02,$13
B7C7 DEFB $FE,$02,$13,$FE,$02,$13
B7CD DEFB $FE,$02,$13,$FE,$02,$13
B7D3 DEFB $FE,$02,$13,$FD,$02,$13
Firework 2.
B7DA DEFB $01,$0F,$15,$01,$0F,$15 etc, etc, etc.
B7E0 DEFB $0A,$10,$14,$00,$0F,$15
B7E6 DEFB $0A,$11,$14,$00,$10,$14
B7EC DEFB $0A,$12,$13,$00,$11,$14
B7F2 DEFB $0A,$13,$13,$00,$12,$13
B7F8 DEFB $0A,$14,$12,$00,$13,$13
B7FE DEFB $0A,$15,$12,$00,$14,$12
B804 DEFB $0A,$16,$11,$00,$15,$12
B80A DEFB $0B,$17,$11,$00,$16,$11
B810 DEFB $0B,$18,$11,$00,$17,$11
B816 DEFB $0C,$19,$11,$00,$18,$11
B81C DEFB $0D,$1A,$11,$00,$19,$11
B822 DEFB $06,$1A,$12,$00,$1A,$11
B828 DEFB $07,$1A,$13,$00,$1A,$12
B82E DEFB $08,$1A,$13,$08,$1A,$13
B834 DEFB $FB,$19,$14,$00,$1A,$13
B83A DEFB $FB,$19,$14,$FB,$19,$14
B840 DEFB $FE,$19,$14,$FE,$19,$14
B846 DEFB $FE,$19,$14,$FE,$19,$14
B84C DEFB $FE,$19,$14,$FD,$19,$14
B853 DEFB $01,$0E,$15,$01,$0E,$15
B859 DEFB $0E,$0E,$14,$00,$0E,$15
B85F DEFB $0E,$0E,$13,$00,$0E,$14
B865 DEFB $02,$0D,$12,$00,$0E,$13
B86B DEFB $02,$0C,$11,$00,$0D,$12
B871 DEFB $02,$0B,$10,$00,$0C,$11
B877 DEFB $02,$0A,$0F,$00,$0B,$10
B87D DEFB $02,$09,$0E,$00,$0A,$0F
B883 DEFB $02,$08,$0D,$00,$09,$0E
B889 DEFB $02,$07,$0C,$00,$08,$0D
B88F DEFB $02,$06,$0B,$00,$07,$0C
B895 DEFB $03,$05,$0A,$00,$06,$0B
B89B DEFB $04,$04,$0A,$00,$05,$0A
B8A1 DEFB $05,$03,$0A,$00,$04,$0A
B8A7 DEFB $06,$03,$0B,$00,$03,$0A
B8AD DEFB $07,$03,$0C,$00,$03,$0B
B8B3 DEFB $08,$03,$0C,$08,$03,$0C
B8B9 DEFB $FB,$02,$0D,$00,$03,$0C
B8BF DEFB $FB,$02,$0D,$FB,$02,$0D
B8C5 DEFB $FE,$02,$0D,$FE,$02,$0D
B8CB DEFB $FE,$02,$0D,$FE,$02,$0D
B8D1 DEFB $FE,$02,$0D,$FD,$02,$0D
B8D8 DEFB $01,$0E,$15,$01,$0E,$15
B8DE DEFB $01,$0E,$14,$00,$0E,$15
B8E4 DEFB $01,$0E,$13,$00,$0E,$14
B8EA DEFB $01,$0E,$12,$00,$0E,$13
B8F0 DEFB $01,$0E,$11,$00,$0E,$12
B8F6 DEFB $01,$0E,$10,$00,$0E,$11
B8FC DEFB $01,$0E,$0F,$00,$0E,$10
B902 DEFB $01,$0E,$0E,$00,$0E,$0F
B908 DEFB $01,$0E,$0D,$00,$0E,$0E
B90E DEFB $01,$0E,$0C,$00,$0E,$0D
B914 DEFB $01,$0E,$0B,$00,$0E,$0C
B91A DEFB $01,$0E,$0A,$00,$0E,$0B
B920 DEFB $01,$0E,$09,$00,$0E,$0A
B926 DEFB $01,$0E,$08,$00,$0E,$09
B92C DEFB $01,$0E,$07,$00,$0E,$08
B932 DEFB $01,$0E,$06,$00,$0E,$07
B938 DEFB $04,$0E,$05,$00,$0E,$06
B93E DEFB $05,$0D,$05,$00,$0E,$05
B944 DEFB $06,$0D,$06,$00,$0D,$05
B94A DEFB $07,$0D,$07,$00,$0D,$06
B950 DEFB $08,$0D,$07,$08,$0D,$07
B956 DEFB $FB,$0C,$08,$00,$0D,$07
B95C DEFB $FB,$0C,$08,$FB,$0C,$08
B962 DEFB $FE,$0C,$08,$FE,$0C,$08
B968 DEFB $FE,$0C,$08,$FE,$0C,$08
B96E DEFB $FE,$0C,$08,$FD,$0C,$08
B975 DEFB $01,$0E,$15,$01,$0E,$15
B97B DEFB $01,$0E,$14,$00,$0E,$15
B981 DEFB $0F,$0E,$13,$00,$0E,$14
B987 DEFB $0A,$0F,$12,$00,$0E,$13
B98D DEFB $0A,$10,$11,$00,$0F,$12
B993 DEFB $0A,$11,$10,$00,$10,$11
B999 DEFB $0A,$12,$0F,$00,$11,$10
B99F DEFB $0A,$13,$0E,$00,$12,$0F
B9A5 DEFB $0A,$14,$0D,$00,$13,$0E
B9AB DEFB $0A,$15,$0C,$00,$14,$0D
B9B1 DEFB $0A,$16,$0B,$00,$15,$0C
B9B7 DEFB $0B,$17,$0A,$00,$16,$0B
B9BD DEFB $0C,$18,$0A,$00,$17,$0A
B9C3 DEFB $0D,$19,$0A,$00,$18,$0A
B9C9 DEFB $06,$19,$0B,$00,$19,$0A
B9CF DEFB $07,$19,$0C,$00,$19,$0B
B9D5 DEFB $08,$19,$0C,$08,$19,$0C
B9DB DEFB $FB,$18,$0D,$00,$19,$0C
B9E1 DEFB $FB,$18,$0D,$FB,$18,$0D
B9E7 DEFB $FE,$18,$0D,$FE,$18,$0D
B9ED DEFB $FE,$18,$0D,$FE,$18,$0D
B9F3 DEFB $FE,$18,$0D,$FD,$18,$0D
B9FA DEFB $01,$0E,$15,$01,$0E,$15
BA00 DEFB $01,$0E,$14,$00,$0E,$15
BA06 DEFB $01,$0E,$13,$00,$0E,$14
BA0C DEFB $01,$0E,$12,$00,$0E,$13
BA12 DEFB $0E,$0E,$11,$00,$0E,$12
BA18 DEFB $0E,$0D,$10,$00,$0E,$11
BA1E DEFB $0E,$0D,$0F,$00,$0D,$10
BA24 DEFB $0E,$0C,$0E,$00,$0D,$0F
BA2A DEFB $0E,$0C,$0D,$00,$0C,$0E
BA30 DEFB $0E,$0B,$0C,$00,$0C,$0D
BA36 DEFB $0E,$0B,$0B,$00,$0B,$0C
BA3C DEFB $0E,$0A,$0A,$00,$0B,$0B
BA42 DEFB $0E,$0A,$09,$00,$0A,$0A
BA48 DEFB $0E,$09,$08,$00,$0A,$09
BA4E DEFB $0E,$09,$07,$00,$09,$08
BA54 DEFB $0E,$08,$06,$00,$09,$07
BA5A DEFB $04,$07,$05,$00,$08,$06
BA60 DEFB $05,$06,$05,$00,$07,$05
BA66 DEFB $06,$06,$06,$00,$06,$05
BA6C DEFB $07,$06,$07,$00,$06,$06
BA72 DEFB $08,$06,$07,$08,$06,$07
BA78 DEFB $FB,$05,$08,$00,$06,$07
BA7E DEFB $FB,$05,$08,$FB,$05,$08
BA84 DEFB $FE,$05,$08,$FE,$05,$08
BA8A DEFB $FE,$05,$08,$FE,$05,$08
BA90 DEFB $FE,$05,$08,$FD,$05,$08
BA97 DEFB $01,$0E,$15,$01,$0E,$15
BA9D DEFB $01,$0E,$14,$00,$0E,$15
BAA3 DEFB $01,$0E,$13,$00,$0E,$14
BAA9 DEFB $01,$0E,$12,$00,$0E,$13
BAAF DEFB $0F,$0E,$11,$00,$0E,$12
BAB5 DEFB $0F,$0F,$10,$00,$0E,$11
BABB DEFB $0F,$0F,$0F,$00,$0F,$10
BAC1 DEFB $0F,$10,$0E,$00,$0F,$0F
BAC7 DEFB $0F,$10,$0D,$00,$10,$0E
BACD DEFB $0F,$11,$0C,$00,$10,$0D
BAD3 DEFB $0F,$11,$0B,$00,$11,$0C
BAD9 DEFB $0F,$12,$0A,$00,$11,$0B
BADF DEFB $0F,$12,$09,$00,$12,$0A
BAE5 DEFB $0F,$13,$08,$00,$12,$09
BAEB DEFB $0F,$13,$07,$00,$13,$08
BAF1 DEFB $0F,$14,$06,$00,$13,$07
BAF7 DEFB $0C,$15,$05,$00,$14,$06
BAFD DEFB $0D,$16,$05,$00,$15,$05
BB03 DEFB $06,$16,$06,$00,$16,$05
BB09 DEFB $07,$16,$07,$00,$16,$06
BB0F DEFB $08,$16,$07,$08,$16,$07
BB15 DEFB $FB,$15,$08,$00,$16,$07
BB1B DEFB $FB,$15,$08,$FB,$15,$08
BB21 DEFB $FE,$15,$08,$FE,$15,$08
BB27 DEFB $FE,$15,$08,$FE,$15,$08
BB2D DEFB $FE,$15,$08,$FD,$15,$08
BB34 DEFB $0E,$0E,$15,$0E,$0E,$15
BB3A DEFB $02,$0D,$14,$00,$0E,$15
BB40 DEFB $02,$0C,$13,$00,$0D,$14
BB46 DEFB $02,$0B,$12,$00,$0C,$13
BB4C DEFB $02,$0A,$11,$00,$0B,$12
BB52 DEFB $02,$09,$10,$00,$0A,$11
BB58 DEFB $03,$08,$0F,$00,$09,$10
BB5E DEFB $04,$07,$0F,$00,$08,$0F
BB64 DEFB $05,$06,$0F,$00,$07,$0F
BB6A DEFB $06,$06,$10,$00,$06,$0F
BB70 DEFB $07,$06,$11,$00,$06,$10
BB76 DEFB $08,$06,$11,$08,$06,$11
BB7C DEFB $FB,$05,$12,$00,$06,$11
BB82 DEFB $FB,$05,$12,$FB,$05,$12
BB88 DEFB $FE,$05,$12,$FE,$05,$12
BB8E DEFB $FE,$05,$12,$FE,$05,$12
BB94 DEFB $FE,$05,$12,$FD,$05,$12
BB9B DEFB $0F,$0E,$15,$0F,$0E,$15
BBA1 DEFB $0A,$0F,$14,$00,$0E,$15
BBA7 DEFB $0A,$10,$13,$00,$0F,$14
BBAD DEFB $0A,$11,$12,$00,$10,$13
BBB3 DEFB $0A,$12,$11,$00,$11,$12
BBB9 DEFB $0A,$13,$10,$00,$12,$11
BBBF DEFB $0B,$14,$0F,$00,$13,$10
BBC5 DEFB $0C,$15,$0F,$00,$14,$0F
BBCB DEFB $0D,$16,$0F,$00,$15,$0F
BBD1 DEFB $06,$16,$10,$00,$16,$0F
BBD7 DEFB $07,$16,$11,$00,$16,$10
BBDD DEFB $08,$16,$11,$08,$16,$11
BBE3 DEFB $FB,$15,$12,$00,$16,$11
BBE9 DEFB $FB,$15,$12,$FB,$15,$12
BBEF DEFB $FE,$15,$12,$FE,$15,$12
BBF5 DEFB $FE,$15,$12,$FE,$15,$12
BBFB DEFB $FE,$15,$12,$FD,$15,$12
BC02 DEFB $01,$0E,$15,$01,$0E,$15
BC08 DEFB $01,$0E,$14,$00,$0E,$15
BC0E DEFB $01,$0E,$13,$00,$0E,$14
BC14 DEFB $01,$0E,$12,$00,$0E,$13
BC1A DEFB $01,$0E,$11,$00,$0E,$12
BC20 DEFB $01,$0E,$10,$00,$0E,$11
BC26 DEFB $01,$0E,$0F,$00,$0E,$10
BC2C DEFB $01,$0E,$0E,$00,$0E,$0F
BC32 DEFB $01,$0E,$0D,$00,$0E,$0E
BC38 DEFB $0F,$0E,$0C,$00,$0E,$0D
BC3E DEFB $0F,$0F,$0B,$00,$0E,$0C
BC44 DEFB $0F,$0F,$0A,$00,$0F,$0B
BC4A DEFB $0F,$10,$09,$00,$0F,$0A
BC50 DEFB $0F,$10,$08,$00,$10,$09
BC56 DEFB $01,$10,$07,$00,$10,$08
BC5C DEFB $0F,$10,$06,$00,$10,$07
BC62 DEFB $0C,$10,$05,$00,$10,$06
BC68 DEFB $0D,$11,$05,$00,$10,$05
BC6E DEFB $06,$11,$06,$00,$11,$05
BC74 DEFB $07,$11,$07,$00,$11,$06
BC7A DEFB $08,$11,$07,$08,$11,$07
BC80 DEFB $FB,$10,$08,$00,$11,$07
BC86 DEFB $FB,$10,$08,$FB,$10,$08
BC8C DEFB $FE,$10,$08,$FE,$10,$08
BC92 DEFB $FE,$10,$08,$FE,$10,$08
BC98 DEFB $FE,$10,$08,$FD,$10,$08
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