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8B95: Action 10 : Lift off from Earth.
Used by the routine at Demo.
Displays rocket taking off by shifting the on-screen image.
Action10_LiftOffFromEarth 8B95 PUSH HL
8B96 LD A,$88 Number of times to shift rocket by.
8B98 LD ($8BD1),A
8B9B DEC A Height of rocket.
8B9C LD ($8BD3),A
8B9F LD HL,DF_lookup_Row6 Sets area of screen, where the rocket is, to shift.
8BA2 LD ($8BD6),HL
8BA5 LD HL,$0016 Offset for X position of rocket on screen.
8BA8 LD ($8BE0),HL
8BAE JP Action_LiftRocket Now shift the image.
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