This area contains some of my original ideas. They are semi-retro in the fact that I came up with these ideas during the eighties & nineties, with 16 bit machines in mind. This makes the games perfect for smaller games machines such as handhelds and mobile phones.

I shall be adding extra notes next to the original notes help bring them more upto date, so don't be suprised if some of the hand written notes seem limited. There is no reason why the graphics can't be replaced with 3d objects, the scenarios fleshed out more. This could give a foundation for some PC / console games.

In a perfect world, I would love to work on these projects myself. However I do not have the time, so they are open for others to attempt. I only ask two things, one, you credit me for design and two, you do NOT use the finished project for profit, unless we come to some arrangement.